Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finnish rock/metal bands

Before I moved to Finland, I had listened to certain Finnish rock bands, but there weren't that many who had made a splash on the international scene.  However, after living here for a while, I realized that Finns are seriously into rock and heavy metal and there are many bands in the music scene.   Also, major rock bands do not hesitate to come play in Finland.  Black Sabbath sold out their upcoming May concert in 5 minutes and the Red Hot Chili Peppers also sold out their upcoming August concert.

These are my Top 10 of Finnish rock/metal bands.  Apocalyptica is by far my favorite on the list. 

1. Apocalyptica - They made a career playing heavy metal through their Cellos

2. Nightwish - Finnish operatic metal at it's finest

3. Children of Bodom - Some serious thrash metal, but these guys can play

4. H.I.M. - They had a trendy international single on the radio 

5.   Von Hertzen Brothers - Not really known on the international scene, but these Finnish progressive rockers are very talented.

6.  Lordi - Lordi is to Finland as GWAR is to the US.  Dress up like monsters and rock out.  :)

7. Stratovarius - I just discovered them on the radio.  Cool Finnish progressive metal.

8.  Sonata Arctica - More progressive metal from the land of the midnight sun

9.  Michael Monroe - Formerly of glam metal band Hanoi Rocks, he is probably the most well known rocker in Finland.

10. Korpiklaani - It's all about partying and having fun with Korpiklaani.


  1. Sonata Arctica, without a question, is numero Yksi!! :)

  2. I get identifying CoB as trash metal as they are somewhat hard to classify (although the older stuff has some clear melodic death metal twang), but SA and Stratovarius fall better under the rubric of power metal (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, and so on). Now, progressive metal is something like newer Amorphis, etc.